What Energy Source Will We Use in The Near Future?

Today, our main energy source came from fossil fuels. However, it is time to find alternative sources to use in the near future as fossil fuel is just limited in amount only. The real question is, how can we draw energy from different sources that are stable and sustainable at the same time?

Looking at a perspective from the outer space, the earth looks like a huge shell that’s surrounded by a body of gas. Under this shell are fossil resources that humans tend to dig up to use as an energy source. However, this fossil resources will run out in a matter of hundreds of years or so. And this is why now is the time to look for alternative sources to use as energy.

Once fossil fuel runs out, all of us are going to use solar power as an energy source since this is the most viable one to begin with. However, solar power can be quite expensive, and the utilization of this technology is still under development until today. It’s still not perfect too because it’s still inefficient in converting sunlight into other forms of energy in its current state.

In our time, different countries around the world has their own way of utilizing fossil fuel resources. For example, in Japan, their main source of energy is from petroleum and the country acquires most of it in the Middle East. In addition to that, Japan also imports natural gas and coals from other countries to support their energy needs. On the other hand, the US has been developing shale gas since the 21st century, making it a part of the countries effort to reduce crude oil excavations. With that being said, the US is now the world’s largest oil and gas producing country that’s capable of producing them at large quantities at a reasonable price. Meanwhile in China, they are tapping on diverse sources of power. They created an advanced structure that enables them to import natural gas from countries like Central Asia and Myanmar. China also had huge hydroelectric generators that produces power. However, these generators also produce large amounts of low quality coals which is harmful for the environment.

The three main pillars of future energy sources will come from:

  1. Natural gases and coals
  2. Biomass
  3. Direct utilization of solar energy

Upon looking at the countries mentioned above, Japan has been the most efficient when it comes to utilizing natural gas and coals to be used as energy. They also had a new research development at the Waseda University to further utilize this kind of technology. When it comes to Biomass, it is best used as a chemical when synthesizing plastics, pharmaceuticals, and among others. Solar Energy on the other hand, will be used to break down water thanks to the help of a photocatalyst to increase its efficiency of gathering photovoltaic power. Meanwhile, secondary energy that came from reusable energy will be used to replace electricity and hydrogen. There’s a big chance that it will be used to utilize light-weighted battery development, and also as a reliable source of strong hydrogen at the same time.

These researches mentioned above are still in development up until today. We’ll probably see them in the near future and could be the next big thing when it comes to consuming energy.

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