Ten Creative Home Ideas for Your 2019 Home Remodeling Needs

Celebrate the start of the year by making your home looking good as new. Below, you’ll find our top ten creative home ideas to spice up your home this new year. Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Renovate the Kitchen

  • One of the most favorite place inside the house is none other than the kitchen. One way to renovate the kitchen is to turn it into an all in one multi functional place by opening it up. Install a glass door on your kitchen that connects to the backyard or garden. Having a glass door creates a natural light for your kitchen. It’s also eco-friendly and can act as a new entrance point for your home.
  1. Spice Up Your Home Using Deep Colors

  • Having deeper colors on your walls and floor can add character to your home. One tip is painting one wall darker than the rest as this creates a solution of depth inside your home.
  1. Old School is Cool

  • What was considered old and obsolete before is now welcomed in each part of our lives, and that includes home design. Remodel your home using natural materials such as wood and stone combined with their unfiltered colors to make it look like a farmhouse.
  1. Use Hardwood Flooring

  • A wooden floor is more relaxing to walk at compared to tiled ones. This is why hardwood flooring is great if you want to remodel the floors too. Having hardwood flooring can also improve your well being as well. There are a lot of wooden floors such as laminated wooden flooring, luxury vinyl planks, and wood like porcelain tiles. They’re more practical and more practical because of their water resisting capabilities.
  1. Spice Up the Space Under Your Stairs

  • You can either put books, souvenirs, or anything that can fit in beneath your stairs to occupy its space. Having a bookshelf under your stairs will look lovely especially for those people who loves to read a lot. Anyways, you can experiment whatever you want to put underneath the stairs depending on your preference.
  1. Incorporate a Minimalist Design

  • Having a minimalist design adds simplicity and beauty to your home. It will also add a little bit of comfort seeing those clear lines and shapes surrounding your home. This kind of design has found its way through many households and are becoming more popular as time goes by.
  1. Upgrade

  • The future of modern living is now. If you’re more of a techy person, then consider adding smart appliances such as speakers with built-in motion speakers, home automation systems, USB outlets, smart security devices, and among others.


  1. Create Your Own Spa

  • Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and have a little time for yourself. One way to remodel your bathroom is turn it into your own spa. This is perfect if you want to have that much needed relaxation time without going outside to spa parlors.
  1. Warm Industrial Style

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining metal and industrial features paired with a softening wooden tone into one. This will make your home unique in its own way.
  1. Go Green

  • 2019 is the year of going green. With that being said, it’s important to use eco-friendly appliances for our homes. You can also decorate your newly remodeled home with indoor plants to give it a fresh and natural look into it. Indoor plants blends perfectly well and it can also freshen the air inside your home too to keep it from smelling bad.

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