Make Your Printing Environmentally Friendly by Following These Tips

Printing is everywhere in our daily lives. Wherever you go, there’ll always be something to print out such as receipts, bills, flyers, and other paper-based materials. However, because of environmental issues that are rising nowadays, companies are starting to look at paperless options to replace printing on paper. This will give an advantage to your business and for the environment as well. Going paperless will save you quite a bit of money, and reducing your paper output might make consumers set their eyes on you because you’re trying something new.

In this article, we’re going to provide few ways to reduce your printing activities in order to make your business more ‘green’ and environmental friendly. Let’s have a look!

Reduce Paper Usage

The first step to go green on your printing is by reducing the amount of sheets that you’re going to print each day. You can contact your clients and suggest alternative ways to handle out papers such as sending it via email or by electronic invoice instead. If they agree, then you’re going to save thousands of sheets per month.

Be mindful of every single sheet you’re going to print. What’s the point of printing hundreds and thousands of flyers if no one is going to read them right? You can try opting for a large poster instead and make its design unique and attractive so people will turn their eyes on your creation. If there are meetings, inform your clients or employees by emailing or contacting them via social media. Don’t forget to research every step of your operations to reduce paper usage.

Learn to Recycle

Now that you’re done with the first step, let’s move on to the second one which is recycling. Recycling is the most ideal way of reducing paper usage which some companies tend to overlook. If possible, opt for using recycled paper to use for your printing needs and make sure that you got it from a reliable source. This is very important because there are some papers out there that came from deforestation, illegal logging, and damaging natural habitats. If you buy paper that are made from such, then you’re not entirely going ‘green’.

Recycled paper may use up a lot of resources, but it’s the first step in the right direction.

Look for Sustainable Sources

You should keep in mind that just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean it’s a high quality material. There are some recycled papers out there that are very poor in terms of quality, which is okay for internal use only. But if you want to print out flyers, posters, or send out messages via mail to your clients, you should definitely opt for high quality recycled paper.

To ensure that you get best among the rest, start sourcing paper from a company that’s associated with ‘green’ organizations. Companies like the Forestry Stewardship Council or the Word Land Trust are your best bet if you’re sourcing out for recycled paper because these companies protect endangered habitats and also forests and trees.

Going Digital

To reduce your printing footprint as much as possible, you should definitely take advantage of digital technology. This means that you have to use digital printing for your printing needs instead of the traditional kind. Traditional printing uses a lot of water along with increasing the likelihood of deforestation. Not only that, the whole process also uses dangerous chemicals for the plates. This is why going digital is a more viable option.

Using Eco-Friendly Inks

Not just replacing your paper usage with recycle ones, changing inks is also crucial too if you want to go green in your printing. You can opt for organic inks that are made from soy or vegetable-based materials. It’s time to ditch that metallic inks you’re using as this can only harm the environment further. For digital purposes, a non-toxic toner is the best way to go.

Get Rid of Foils

Foils can be harmful for your printing environment, so it’s better to completely get rid of them or just reduce your usage of using such. If you really need them, then consider opting for similar materials that’s more environmental friendly.

Opt for ‘Green’ Packaging

Go green by changing your packaging materials for your products into recycled ones. This will make consumers see your efforts that you’re doing something to help the environment, which will make them buy your products.

Consider using less coatings, less plastic, and make the packaging completely recyclable. You can also utilize 100% post-consumer waste and opt for organic materials to use on your products.

Companies nowadays should be aware about reducing paper wastage. As technology is advancing as the years go by, a lot of options are showing up to help your business use less paper as much as possible. The tips above will help you to make your business as environmental friendly as possible. If you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to go green.

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