How Going Green Can Make Your School Earn Money

Did you know? Going green can indeed help your school earn money? Yes, you heard that right! Not only it would help your school community by fundraising, it’ll also help the environment too by recycling. Having “Green Fundraisers” at your school can result to a huge positive impact for your school and the environment. This type of fundraising campaign includes projects such as collecting and recycling papers, card boards or cans, and also electronics and candy wrappers as well.

Having this kind of fundraising campaign can not only benefit the school, but also for the students as they will learn how to protect the environment as well.

Go Green and Earn Money by Recycling Phones

Cell phones is a part of our life already. What’s only known as a “text and call” device before is now used as a handy all-in-one device today. As the years go by, new technology arises which results to more phones being made. And each of us every now and then tend to change our phones every year or two. So what do we do with the older ones? Instead of throwing them away, you can organize a campaign in your school that let’s students recycle their old phones and chargers as much as they can. After collecting all of their old phones and chargers, you can send these materials to programs such as ProjectKOPEG, Recycle Place or Wireless Fundraiser, which will pay the school to over $150 per phone. These programs will ensure that everything will be recycled and not a single phone will go to waste.

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges for Cash

Not only phones, inkjet cartridges are also recyclable too. Your school probably had a lot of printers lying around in department offices. This means that there are also a lot of inkjet cartridges that’s being used on every office. Instead of throwing away these cartridges, let your school collect all of them and recycle it. Recycling them is an eco-friendly alternative for fundraising.

Recycle Wrappers Too

Garbage cans around your school canteens are probably filled with lots of drink pouches, candy wrappers, and chip bags. Instead of throwing them away which will only harm the environment, why not recycle them in turn off money? Upcycled Lay’s converts these various type of plastic wrappers into folders, pencil bags, and other useful school supplies that the community can sell or use. A website such as will pay you $0.2 for each empty drink pouches you give to them, which is a great way to earn money for your school.

Selling Green Products to Raise Money

If you want to make your school go even more “green”, then you can organize a shop that sells green products. Websites such as and can help your school organize an eco-friendly fundraising campaign where you can sell green products such as reusable shopping bags, energy saving products, organic school t-shirts, recycled products, and among others.

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