Essential Home Cleaning Tips while Living with a Puppy

It can be exciting to adopt a new dog for your home. You do some online research, visit your local dog shelter, and meet a lot of friendly puppy faces for you to choose. However, we must be prepared for the upcoming “mess” that’s abound to come. Accidents are inevitable especially when you adopt a new puppy or dog since they still need time to adjust. You must prepare yourself for some extensive cleaning and organizing once your new member of the family will arrive at your home.

A dog can be very active of interacting things during dawn or dusk or anytime where you’re not paying attention to what he/she is doing. This is why being vigilant about supervision is a must. Below, we provided a list of cleaning tips for each section of your house. Accidents can happen anytime when living with a pup, but there’s still time to prepare our homes to prevent even more accidents that may happen in the future.

Living/Dining Room

Your furniture can be your dog’s snack in just a blink of an eye. They can’t help it, especially if your furniture is chewy and fluffy enough to eat. That’s why you must invest on getting a furniture that can withstand your dog’s chewing habits. If it’s too late, then consider putting it into your storage while you’re still in puppy training mode.

Don’t forget to stock up some puppy-centric cleaners. These are carpet cleaners that are enzymatic. If you use another cleaner that contains an ingredient such as ammonia, then your pup is more likely to make an accident in the same spot sooner than you think.


Leaving your puppy alone can leave them distress. Once they’re distressed, they’ll dig, chew, howl, or bark at you. But if you adjust your dog to make them comfortable while being alone, then that behavior will probably go away. And when that happens, keep an eye on your trash can.

Make sure to take out your trash everyday so they don’t pile up. Dogs will still eat food even though they’re already in a trash can. Keep your kitchen free from plastic or grocery bags. If your dog can have access to these, they’ll probably suffocate themselves just for inspecting what’s inside the bag.

To sum it all up, make your kitchen as clean and organized as possible. Also, don’t forget to keep all your utensils and cooking materials away from your dogs too to avoid any accidents.


Keep your bathroom seat closed all the time. Leaving them up can be hazardous to small pups and a temptation for big dogs. Keep all your bathroom cleaning supplies in a safe and secure place that’s out of reach from your dogs. You don’t want to see your dog die just because they accidentally drank or eat these cleaning materials thinking it was food.


Keep your lawn trimmed at all times. It will be harder to clean up after your dog if the grasses are thick. As a bonus, it will be easy to detect any hazardous materials when your lawn is cut. And last but not the least, keep in mind that some flowers can be dangerous to dogs. There are a few cases of dogs dying because they ate a flower out of curiosity. Remember to only plant flowers that are not deadly for dogs.

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