Essential Cottage Renovating Tips

There’s nothing better than spending your time at your own personal cottage while on vacation. But where’s the fun if you’re seeing the same boring cottage every year right? Who wants a cottage that’s filled with decorations that’s been the same for years?

With that being said, now’s the time to renovate your cottage to make it refreshingly new. Having a newly renovated cottage gives you that feeling of being somewhere else with the same ease of comfort. However, this is only possible if you’re willing to create new ideas to renovate your cottage and sacrifice some of your budget. In this article, we’re going to list a few cottage renovating tips for you to follow. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Examine Before Starting

  • First things first, examine the entirety of your cottage before doing that much needed renovation. Here’s a list of the things that needs to be check:
  • Proper structural support
  • Water facilities
  • Proper wall insulation
  • Electrical lines


  • Be Mindful of Your Budget

  • Every renovation involves proper budget planning. Without doing so, you’ll probably use up all your cash without even noticing. Renovation funds need to be used with care and great strategy. You must not splurge out all of your money on the extra exposure of the international stuff inside your cottage. They can make your cottage beautiful, but it’s still a wise choice to choose function over form.
  • Consider Hardwood Flooring

  • Going on holidays means spending more time with nature from the artificial world you have been all the time in the city. This is one thing you should keep in mind when renovating your cottage. With that being said, it’s a great choice to choose hardwood flooring for your floor of choice. Using hardwood flooring gets rid of pollution of artificial things that’s on your mind. Walking along a hardwood floor while being barefooted gives you that natural therapy that nature has.
  • Spice It Up by Adding Color

  • Colors can help you release stress. And if your cottage looks bland and dull at the moment, then now is the time to add a splash of color into it. Choose a color that’s eye candy and brings a positive output throughout. Remember to choose a color that complements to the hardwood floor that you just installed.
  • Pay special attention to things such as drawers, floating shelves, breakfast bars, and windows. Here’s a list of things you can put on into these things to make it more colorful:
  • Colorful patterned mugs
  • Striped table linens
  • Woolen rugs
  • Colorful printed curtains
  • Paisley window coverings


  • Don’t Forget the Kitchen

  • The kitchen area is one of the best places to spend on. Renovate the kitchen area by putting on brand new appliances and other much needed fixtures. Don’t be afraid to spend cash just for this particular area of the cottage. Always remember that you’re here to enjoy your vacation and it’s important that there’s not a single thing that can ruin your comfort. Consider buying an electric front range for your kitchen needs.
  • Renovate the Bathroom Too

  • The purpose of renovating your cottage is to make yourself more comfortable than before, and this is why the bathroom must also be renovated too. If you’re already tight on cash, then consider replacing the faucet at least. Choose a faucet that has a built-in touch sensor that you can just tap it anywhere to turn it on.

Vacation is equals to fun, and renovating your cottage to make it refreshingly new is one way to have fun without compromising your ease of comfort. A fresh looking cottage can help you release stress from the busy life in the city. Remember that the harder your life is, the softer your walk would be. So what are you waiting for? Start renovating your cottage today!

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