Welcome to St. Brelades Hotel!

We are located inSait Brelade. It is a family hotel that has been running for two generations. Over the years the hotel has been renovated, and more facilities have been included. We constantly upgrade our hotel rooms and facilities.

Our hotel is situated near the St. Brelades Bay. So, you will get wonderful views of the beach and the nature from your room. There is a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, spa facility, indoor games, children’s play area, and fully equipped gym. There is a conference room that can be used for organizing events. It is a family friendly hotel.

The interior is well decorated. We give the highest emphasis to customer service. All our employees are trained in the hospitality sector. We have experienced chef in our restaurant. We have rooms of various rates so that you can choose one according to your need and budget.

Our hotel is occupied throughout the year. If you want to stay at our hotel, you must book early. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel soon!